Gibbon Experience Cambodia

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With Gibbon Experience Cambodia you travel into the Veun Sai-Siem Pang National park, stay at the gibbon research station over night and trek into the gibbon territory in the morning to watch the rare primates with our expert rangers in the wild.

Learn about the endangoured species and support with your tour the conservation of the gibbons.

No guarantee..

but your chance to see gibbons

is at least 80%

Early morning before sunrise we set off into the jungle’s territory of a gibbon family and wait for them to start calling.

Our expert rangers will lead you close to the gibbons, where you can watch them for roundabout 2 hours.

Listen to the calls of the wild

Gibbon Experience Cambodia

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Jungle Trek to the Gibbons

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The best chance to see the gibbons is during the dry season in the early morning. At sunrise the gibbons are calling and that’s when we can locate them.

Yes, the probability of seeing the gibbons is 80% and even higher. The gibbon familie we visit is used to smal groups of people as they have been studied by researchers for several years. Nonetheless, they are still wild animals. 

The gibbon family we visit has 6 to 8 members, which is a normal sized group.

Yes, certainly! If you would like to stay for more than two nights please reach out to us. We can create a custom itinerary for you. We can also combine the Gibbon Experience with trekking further into the nationalpark and activities such as bamboo rafting.

Yes, we don’t have fixed days. You can choose any date for the tour.

Although we can also organize tours on short notice, you should book at least one week in advance. The tours are limited to 6 only people because we don’t want to scare the gibbons with large groups of people.

Absolutely. Please let us know if you would like vegetarian or vegan food in the booking form.