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Gibbon Spotting & Trekking

Get ready for a very unique experience! You venture into the Veun Sai-Siem Pang National Park in the northeast of Cambodia, trek through the jungle and see wild gibbons in their natural habitat. This tour is one of a kind. We’re very lucky that we’re able to offer the gibbon spotting with such high chances to see the rare primates. There’re are rarely any places alike in Asia.



Itinerary - 2 Nights / 1 Night

Briefing – We meet for a briefing in Banlung the evening before the tour. 


We’re leaving from Banlung at 8:30 in the morning by 4×4 car and drive until the Sesan river in Veun Sai where we cross the river an hour later with a local ferry. On the other side of Sesan river we continue our journey by either motorbikes with local drivers, a local trailer or by bicycles to the research station 18 km deep in the Veun Sai-Siem Pang National Park. (You can select your chocie of transportation in the booking form) The trail goes through local villages, forest and past rice paddies and farms.

We arrive at the research station at about 11:30, just in time for a lunch picnic and then meet the rangers, local guides and researchers to learn about the park management and general information about the area and yellow-cheeked gibbons. After the meeting we bring out things to our room or tent, whichever option you selected, and have some time to relax. 

Get ready for a short two hour trek through the surrounding forest!

We may see some birds and other animals and we learn of the local communities collect an oily resin from trees in the jungle. We trek for through the forest for around and then return to the station for a shower. The dinner is prepared by a cook from the local cummunity. Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies, food preferences or if you would like vegetarian or vegan food so that we can prepare that for you. We need to go to bed early, because the next morning we need to be on our feet while it’s still dark. Set the alarm clock to 4:00 AM


We get up and prepare to walk to the area habitated with gibbons an estimated 5 km away from the campsite. If you have problems with walkting long distances due to your health, please inform us in advance. We will arrange to send you close to the area by motorbike. Coffee and breakfast is prepared by the cook. You can eat it during the hike or once we arrived and wait for the gibbon calls. We are accompanied by a local expert gibbon ranger who will lead us to the primates once the calls start.

Let the gibbons experience get started!

The calls are very loud and we almost can’t miss them, you can hear it from up to 2 km away. The gibbons may approach us just a couple meters away, they are curious animals. This gives you the oppertunity of a once in a lifetime picture or even a selfie! We can spend two to three hours there, depending on us and the animals too. After this adventure we hike back to the research station for lunch. Afterwards we head back to Banlung on the same way that we came from. We arrive in Banlung at about 3:00 PM.

Itinerary - 3 Nights / 2 Night

The first and second day as described above, except that we’re not leaving to Banlung on day 2.


Day 2 continues.

After lunch and some time to relax and begin a three hour trek into the jungle to a waterall. During the trek we take short breaks and you will learn from the English speaking guide about the flora and fauna of the Cambodian jungle. On the way we visit a spot with many pitcher plants, a carnivorous type of plant, and a mineral lick spot.

A mineral lick is a place where the soil is rich in essential mineral nutrients that attracts wildlife such as deer and boar. The animals lick the soild and clay – therefore the name. Pay attention to the trees, we have a good chance to see silvered langurs and birds such as parrots and great hornbills as well as other animals. Protected zones such as the Veun Sai-Siem Pang National Park are rich in wildlife.

We get to the waterfall at around 4:30 PM. We can swim and cool down after the exhausting walk through the jungle, while the guide and ranger prepare the camp with hammocks and mosquito nets. Camping in the wild nearby a waterfall is amazing! Dinner is cooked over an open fire and we’re going to enjoy the food under the starry sky. 

Are you up for a night hike?

If you like we can go for a guided night hike. The forest by night is exciting and full with life. There are many nocturnal animals that we may encounter, such as slow loris, badger and deer. Flash around with your head-torch and maybe you get lucky. The chance to see wildlife at night-time is quite high. After the hike we get comfy in the hammocks. Enjoy listening to the sounds of the jungle while you fall asleep.


We wake up with the sunrise naturally. Fresh up in the river and enjoy a coffee or tea. We pack up our camp, make sure that the campfire is completely off and that we don’t leave behind any rubbish. We trek back to the research station for a warm lunch and then begin our journey back to Banlung. We cross the river by ferry again and on the other side awaits a car to take us back to town. We make a stopover in a Tom Poun handicraft village before we arrive in Banlung at around 4:30 PM.

Disclaimer: As the gibbons are wild animals, we can’t guarantee that you are going to see them from a close distance or spot them at all. We locate the gibbons by following their calls at sunrise, but if it rains or if there are rival animals such as silvery langurs in their territor, they may keep quiet and it’s hard to spot them. However, our team does their best to give you the best possible experience.

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